About Me

Hello and welcome to Fun Little One!

My name is Sarah and I am a first time mom in Orange County, CA. I live with my husband and my son, C. C was born in September 2016. We try to get out and do a ton of activities and classes with C so that he meets other kids and we can meet other parents!

Why Start Fun Little One?

After having C, I was looking around for things to do with him. It was really hard for me to find things that were age appropriate for him. I Googled a lot. Most websites and activities that are promoted seem to start at toddler age. But he needed out of the house and, really, so did I.

I started to hear from other moms how hard it was to find things to do with their little ones. We always were talking about what we found, how we liked it, and wished their was an easier way to find things to do.

Finally my husband mentioned that I should start a website that had different activities that were for all ages, especially babies. With that, the idea of Fun Little One was born!

Quick Note

All views are my own and I was not paid or asked to review any products or activities unless otherwise noted in that post!

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I hope that this website helps you find things that you enjoy doing with your little one!

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