Product Review: NOSH

My child LOVES to eat all of a sudden. He didn’t always. He didn’t hate it, but wasn’t super excited about it. Probably the acid reflux.

Once we introduced solid foods, we were trying all sorts of teething wafers and puffs. In all sorts of flavors. We found that a lot of them were too thick for him so he couldn’t bite into them. Then we stumbled about NOSH. We got a sample from an event at Babies R Us before he could even eat them. I pulled it out and gave it to him one day and he loved it.

Then we found their booth at the Anaheim JPMA Baby Show. They gave us a ton of samples after hearing how much he liked them. After talking to them it seems that locally they are only in Babies R Us. (Fingers crossed that this changes soon!) The above picture is from one trip for us.

They have several different products and every one C has tried so far is a winner. They have teething wafers (Munchables), puffs (Lil Melties), Smoothie Snaps, and Tot Munchables. And they have so many flavors! There are 6 flavors of Munchables! Bonus is that they don’t all include banana which it seems a ton of other brands do. Nothing wrong with banana but it has got to get old after awhile.

This is how you eat it, right?

I have learned that C loves puffs. He’d eat them exclusively if I let him. But they are a pain to take on the go. Lil Melties are perfect for this! They are individual bags in the box. Each bag has one serving in it so it is perfect to take out. I always have them in the diaper bag now.

I did find the Munchables and Tot Munchables on Amazon, but not the Lil Melties. Booo! You can buy all of their products on their website though. (See link below.)

Honestly, I never thought that I would have such strong feelings about baby snacks. But here we are. If you are looking for a new flavor of baby snack or something easy to throw in your diaper bag, I would absolutely try NOSH.

Amazon links for NOSH:

Nosh Baby Munchables Banana and Mango, 1.9 Ounce

Nosh Tot Munchables Organic Rice Snacks, 24 Piece, Simply Rice

*Please note that these are Amazon Affiliate links!

Their website:

Product Review: Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

We all know we are going to need baby wipes and lots of them. But I didn’t realize how different they all were. Of course some are similar and you don’t really notice the difference. But man, some of them are super dry or super wet. I think it is all just a personal preference thing.

We bought a couple of different types before C was born so that we could try a few types out and in case he had a reaction to one kind. It didn’t take us long to find out that we hated how they all came out of the package. We could just be bad at getting wipes out, but unless you had 2 hands free to get the wipe out or pulled at a very specific angle you would get more than one at a time. Frustrating.

We started looking for where we could get wipes the cheapest. Enter Amazon. Specifically Amazon Elements Baby Wipes. They are a good price, they do what they are supposed to do, and, best of all, they come out one at a time!


We love Amazon Elements Wipes. Since C doesn’t have reactions to any types of wipes we could buy anything, but we choose these. They are a bit large for a diaper bag, so I do buy smaller packs of other brands just to keep in there. If there were travel size packs of these I would buy them too!

Bonus is the Amazon Dash Button. When we are running low, we just hit the button and wipes are automatically ordered for us. That is absolutely what I need since I don’t always have time to go online and actually place an order.

Amazon links for baby wipes:

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Sensitive, 720 Count, Resealable Packs with Tub

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Dash Button

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Product Review: MAM Bottles

We didn’t anticipate needing to bottle feed as early as we did. But it was a good thing that we had some sample bottles because I don’t think that I could have handled looking through all the different bottles at the store. In those samples we had MAM bottles ( and another brand.

Image from MAM’s website

We used both interchangeably for awhile because C didn’t seem to show a preference, but once we needed different size nipples we found that we liked the MAM so much more. There were so many more options available in comparison to other brands.

Image from MAM’s website

Because C needed to gain weight and he has reflux, we were told to mix rice cereal into his formula. Okay that’s all fine until you realize that it would be too thick to come out a regular nipple. So one trip to the store later, we discovered MAM X-Flow nipples. (Amazingly not all brands have X-Flow or Y-Flow nipples.) Since that moment we exclusively use MAM bottles.

Thanksgiving dinner!

The anti-colic design is our favorite and C has taken to holding his own bottle very easily due to the shape. I like their shape because they are slender so they fit in the diaper bag pretty easily. As you can see in the picture below, we go through quite a bit of them! And they are super easy to sterilize!

Today’s bottles!

Amazon links for MAM bottles and X-Flow nipples:
MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Unisex, 5 Ounces, 2-Count

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Unisex, 9 Ounces, 2-Count

MAM Extra Fast Flow Nipples, Level 4, 6+ Months, 2-Count

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