Event Review: Mom Made Market

What It is:

The Mom Made Market was held November 18 and 19 at the Orange County Fairgrounds. It is a market that supports mom made businesses.

*I took no pictures at this event because it was just a little market and it would have been weird to take pictures of other people shopping.

What We Did:

I wasn’t planning on going because we had just gone to a craft market last weekend, but I heard from a friend that it was cute and worth it. So my mom and I took C since I didn’t think my husband would be into shopping with a bunch of women. Parking was $8 at the fairgrounds so we parked somewhere else and walked over. This is my big tip if you are going to any event at the Fairgrounds. Parking is just too expensive!

There were probably 4 or 5 aisles of booths. There were quite a few selling leggings. (You know the popular one that has lots of prints.) According to the website there were 7 of them. It felt a little odd that they allowed so many of the same vendor, but we just skipped those. There were also a ton of jewelry sellers. Lots of it was really pretty. I even commented that I wish I was more of a jewelry person, but C is still grabby and I always forget to put it on for date night. So we skipped all those. Next up were several lotions and potions type of booths. I always forget to put this stuff on too, so another skip for us.

I was a little bummed that we skipped so much. But there were a few bright spots. My mom picked up books from both Barefoot Books and Usborne Books. I picked up a few Baprons from BapronBaby. (https://bapronbaby.com/) I will probably do a whole review of these because they are pretty cool. I picked up a few cute shirts for C from Bear and Little Bird. (https://www.facebook.com/BearAndLittleBird/) I also got a holiday shirt for me and a matching one for C from Nicky and Stella. (http://nickyandstella.com/) The last thing that I was super interested in was the signs from Second Impression Designs. He custom makes signs. They are really nice looking. One I wanted to get as a gift for my mom, but since she was there I couldn’t. But I am getting that and a cute stocking holder from him this week. Seriously, check out his stuff! (Facebook or at @secondimpressiondesigns on Instagram.)

At one point we noticed a line and weren’t sure why people were lining up. Later I snuck a peek into that room and saw it was Santa. I totally forgot that Santa was going to be there for free photos for an hour. He looked like a pretty good Santa too! There was also a food truck outside of the building but C was done so we just took him home and fed him.


  • I got some cute stuff for me and C.
  • C got some new books which he loves.
  • It was something to do with my mom.
  • I found a great gift for my mom.

Not So Good:

  • Parking was expensive!
  • Not a wide variety for boys.
  • Lots of vendors with the same thing! (I’m looking at you leggings!)


Entry was $5 per person (12 and under were free.)

Our Verdict:

It was okay. I don’t know if I would go again. Did I get some cute shirts? Yes. Did I get some cool Baprons? Yes. Most of the stuff there wasn’t stuff that is my style. Jewelry and fun scented stuff just isn’t my style right now. And the majority of kid vendors had lots of girl stuff. Dresses, skirts, bows – you name it. I realize that boy stuff isn’t super exciting, but I was bummed about that. The vendors that did have gender neutral shirts got my business. And the Baprons had a bunch of different patterns which was great. I would have loved to see more handmade items and things that I couldn’t get elsewhere. Which is exactly what my mom said too.

Maybe Saturday had more stuff that would have been good for C and me. Because I was honestly ready to buy some super cute “mom” shirts or fun-saying shirts. So maybe I would go again. If I wanted to get out of the house and I didn’t have to take C.

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