Event Review: Pretend City Noon Year’s Event

What It is:

A celebration of New Year’s at 4 different times throughout the day as the clock strikes midnight in other countries. Confetti and noise makers make this a party to ring in the new year!

What We Did:

I have a membership (C and my husband don’t) so we went to the member’s only time which was the first one of the day. The countdown was happening at 11 AM and they opened at 10. We got there a little bit after 10 and there weren’t too many people there yet, but numbers sure increased around 11! The toddler area was completely taken down so there would be more room for the confetti drop and there was a screen up for the countdown.

Cleared out area.

After checking in and paying, we were given some noise makers for the countdown and told about all the activities set up. There was a face painting station where you could draw on yourself (or your child.) It looked really fun and the kids really got into it! We were also told about the 2 different arts and crafts areas. One area was making 2018 crowns. From everyone else’s creations, it looked like there were markers, crayons, stickers, and glittery stickers. C would not have worn his so we went to the other area which was noise makers! They had pre-made noise makers (paper plates glued closed with something rattle-y inside.) Each kid could color and decorate with stickers as they pleased. C actually colored on his own for the first time!

A masterpiece!

That was about it for C’s attention span so he ran around for the next 30ish minutes. We played in the Trader’s Joes area where C tried to put back all of the other kids’ groceries. Then we looked at the chicks in the farm area. He actually got on the stage where other kids were playing with instruments. An older boy gave him an instrument and C was thrilled. It was really cute. And of course, C’s favorite – sitting in the various cars.


At about 10:45, we were called over to the countdown area. The staff was really good during this little show. They had kids teach them the countdown, talked about Bangladesh (which was the countdown we were doing), and did various other interesting things. During this time they were also handing out more noise makers.

Happy Noon Year!

Then it was time for the countdown and confetti! There were 2 different confetti shooters, one on each side of the plaza we were in. We weren’t in the area that it actually fell on, but it worked for us because C was a little unsure. They shot them off at least 3 times and the kids loved it!

We made our own confetti drop.

There was so much confetti that kids were playing and dancing in it even after it had all fallen. We let C walk around in it and did our own little confetti drop with him. He was unimpressed. But the other kids were having a blast and it was really cute to watch.


  • So many activities to do.
  • Arts and crafts!
  • Fantastic staff.
  • Lots of teaching content for kids that are a little bit older.

Not So Good:

  • It can get a bit crowded.
  • Depending on the age (and temperament) of the older kids there it can be hard for a really small one to have fun.


$12.50 for anyone over 1.

Our Verdict:

We had a good time. C loves Pretend City anyway. Now that he is old enough to start enjoying the events we will be there a lot! He didn’t really understand lots of the content yet, but that just means that he will keep learning every year.

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