Event Review: Snoopy House

What It is:

Snoopy House is a tradition in Costa Mesa. It used to be held at a residential house (starting in 1966) and they set up holiday decorations featuring the Peanuts characters. Once they were unable to keep it at their home, the city stepped in and started hosting it at city hall.

**I have pictures from both this year (2017) and last year (2016.) I try not to include pictures of other people’s kids so I included some (okay, a lot) pictures of last year since it was a lot less crowded and you can see some of the decorations.

What We Did:

We went totally spur of the moment and found a great parking spot so we were feeling pretty good! I have gone to the Snoopy House for many years so it is a tradition for me and I’m glad that we can take C.

They had a snow area set up with real snow and it was super packed. Kids were getting a little wild and crazily throwing snowballs. A friend of mine went a different night and her 1 year old got pelted in the face. So we let C touch the snow and then got out of there pretty quickly. It was so crazy that I wasn’t able to get any pictures in that area..


They also have a “snow” fall that happens every so often. We were there for it twice this year and C though it was really fun. They have it come down in 2 different spots and once it starts everyone kind of runs to that area. We tried to time it, but it didn’t follow any pattern that we noticed.

It is really just soap bubbles

They have a small train ride that is free as well. The line is normally pretty short and goes fairly quickly. I really wanted C to try it but I didn’t trust him alone on it since there aren’t really seat belts and it is kids only. I think next year will be perfect! There was some live entertainment going on around this time which was a local band playing Christmas carols. I’m sure the quality of entertainment varies as the different acts switch out. Local groups also sell various items as a fundraiser. A local high school was selling hot cocoa the night we went, but this varies as well.

Some of the lights and displays The outhouse behind me is a decoration and you can go inside!

The main attraction is all the decorations. There are some really cool decorations set up around the area. There are a bunch of different scenes set up featuring the Peanuts characters. Some of theme move and some of them are store fronts. There is even one that is a small building that you can go inside and write letters to Santa in.

Some of the decoration set up from 2016.

This year I noticed that they had a Snoopy dog house set up that was super popular to take pictures in front of. We tried to wait in line for it, but it wasn’t going to happen. Kids were going inside of it and hanging out in it. It was really cute. There was also Lucy’s psychiatric booth to take pictures in. C loved this. I don’t know why, but works for me!

“Can I help you?”

Santa comes every night at 7 and does free pictures in a cute little set up. We missed him last year and this year there was already a line starting before 7 so we figured it wasn’t worth it. If you want pictures, I suggest having someone hold a place in line while the kids have fun!

Area where Santa pictures happen.


  • It is a free event. Even photos with Santa!
  • It is generally pretty laid back.
  • The snow, “snow fall”, and train rides are really fun for the kids.

Not So Good:

  • Parking is fairly limited right at city hall. You can park in the area though and spots turn over pretty quickly.
  • There isn’t a ton to do so it is a pretty quick event.
  • It can get crowded!
  • They line the ground with hay so if you have a hay allergy (like my husband) make sure to take an allergy pill before you go!



Our Verdict:

Since this is really local to us, we will keep going. It is a tradition for me and since it is free I don’t have to worry if we leave pretty quickly. I think it is amazing that this all used to be at someone’s house. I actually found an old picture I took from 2004 when it was still at the family’s house! Plus you can see a little more of the type of decoration that is up!

From 2004

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