Event Review: Tanaka Farms Santa Tour and Sanrio Village

What It is:

This year Tanaka Farms started a brand new event for the holidays. It is a wagon tour around the farm combined with a stop at Sanrio Village and a visit with Santa!

Tanaka Farms is a working farm that grows various different types of produce. They do several different types of tours throughout the year. And sell a ton of great produce!

**So if you frequent my reviews and have a keen eye, you will notice that my husband is wearing the same outfit as our Pumpkin Patch visit. And I am wearing the same shirt. Not sure how we managed to pull this off, but I promise we own more than one outfit!

What We Did:

We decided on Saturday night to sign up for a time slot for Sunday. It was obviously a last minute thing, but there were open spots and it sounded like fun. You must preregister on their website for the tour so make sure to do that if you want to go!

We got to Tanaka Farms with plenty of time to check in since they request you are there early and I had no idea how many people were signed up. So we wandered around the Holiday Market Stand to see the Christmas trees and all the things that they had for sale.

Huge trees!

Our time slot was oddly empty. There were maybe like 7 families. It was pretty nice actually! There was as tent set up to wait in before your tour which I thought was nice so no one needed to worry about where to be. The tractor pulling the wagons rolled up right on time and we all hopped on. The kids were so excited to see the tractor pull up. Even C was really interested.

The ride

We stopped 3 times on the ride up to Santa and Sanrio Village. We got to try broccoli, lettuce, cilantro, and carrots. Everything was something that was grown on the farm and was super fresh. C was not really into the veggies, but he tried them. The adults really enjoyed everything though!

“Ha! No lettuce for me!”

We got to the top of the hill and it was time to see Santa! Santa talked to every kid about what they wanted for Christmas and what the elves look like. He was really friendly and just as Santa should be.

At least he didn’t cry!

There were also a bunch of nice little photo areas set up near Santa. It was a really good set up. Off the top of my head I can think of 6 photo prop set ups in that area. I thought that it was a really nice touch that there were staff around the area (and with Santa) offering to take pictures so the entire family could be in shots. That really impressed me.

Fun set up!

Then came a great surprise! Santa was super hands on! After everyone had taken pictures with him, he got up and walked around talking to each group. He orchestrated really fun pictures with everyone. I was really impressed. He was really awesome! I’m not sure if he always does this or was able to because we were such a small group, but it was so fun.

Santa wanted to walk with C, but C was nervous and I had to go too.

We had almost 30 minutes to take pictures and hang out before it was time to get back on the wagon. We had a few more samples on the way back down. We got to try persimmon which I had never had before and tangerines that were the best tangerines I had ever eaten.

At the end of the ride, we were dropped off at the Holiday Market Stand and there were a few more photo spots as well as the tractor that all the kids love to sit on.

Cute photo area!

As a bonus, every paying customer got a Sanrio pin and paper crown. You also got $2 off any market stand purchase if you had over $10 in items. There was a discount on Christmas trees too if you took the tour.

Pin and crown


  • Our tour guide was really good and had some interesting tidbits to share about the farm!
  • The staff that was there to help take family pictures was a really nice touch.
  • Santa was so good!
  • Yummy samples along the way.


Not So Good:

  • I have nothing bad to say about this event!



$18 per person. Kids 2 and under are free.

Our Verdict:

This was a fantastic event! It was well run, the photo props were really good, and Santa was AMAZING! I am so happy that we ended up doing this tour and I will go again every year they have it.

I’d suggest that you make time in your schedule and sign up!



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