Frogg’s Bounce House Review

What It is:

Frogg’s Bounce House is an indoor inflatable play place. There are 6 or 7 inflatable bounce house type things, lots of push cars, an air hockey tables, an interactive video mat, and they had a kid’s movie playing in one area.

*I have no pictures from our trip here since we were here for such a short period of time.

What We Did:

So Frogg’s feels fairly small. The space they are in isn’t that large and it is pretty much wall to wall inflatables with a small walkway in between them. There is a marked toddler area with one inflatable labeled as for toddler use only.

We went in and C immediately wanted to play in the cars. So I pushed him around in one of those for about 5 minutes. There wasn’t a ton of room to do that and kids were constantly pushing past us while running around.

I wanted to go into the toddler area where they have some small trains/train tracks and little play sets, plus the toddler bounce house thing. But when I finally got C out of the car and into that area, there were kids that were about 7 in the toddler bounce house and they were being pretty rough. An employee kept walking by and looking at them but said and did nothing.

So we just started walking around. We ended up back near the tables. There was a mom with her, I’m guessing, 4 year old at a table. The kid had apparently collected all the toys he wanted to keep and had them sitting near the table. C was walking in the direction of the toys and the kid freaked out. I tried to redirect C as there was a push car that was abandoned back there. Apparently the kid did not want C near the car, pushed C out of the way, and jumped into it. All the while his mom, less than 2 feet away, didn’t even acknowledge the situation. So I’m trying to walk C away from the whole thing and maybe find something else to do when the kid comes up from behind us and pushes C over. C lost his mind so I decided that we were just going to go.

The employees at the front (which was all 3 of them since they were all gathered around talking) asked what happened and if he was okay. I told them that we were just going to go since he got pushed down and wasn’t going to calm down. They gave me my money back even though I told them it was fine. Then they told me that it was because I didn’t come early enough in the day. (It was around 11 AM.) If I would come around 9:30 (even though they open at 10) then we could come in without the bigger kids. They said that the rest of the day he is bound to not be able to play since it is all older kids.

This felt wrong to me. Don’t blame me for my kid getting shoved and not knowing that I should come before you open. If they have a specific time that they want to claim is for toddlers, they should post that and have that be something that they promote. I would happily go to that!


  • Admission is relatively cheap.
  • You are allowed to bring in your own food to eat at the tables in the back.
  • Great for older kids that can look after themselves.

Not So Good:

  • Employees don’t enforce posted rules.
  • Not very much for toddlers to do.


Kids under 18 months: free

18 months – 3: $8

4 and up: $12

I’m confused on the pricing, since I took C when he was just under 18 months and paid just $2 for me. There is a spot on their website that says that grandparents are always free and adults are free with paid child’s admission.

Our Verdict:

Not our favorite place. This seems way more appropriate for kids 4+. I hate that they even claim to have a toddler area since they don’t enforce it at all. I was not impressed by the staffs’ non-reaction to the pushing incident. I felt blamed for it and that was not okay. I also am not a huge fan of the fact that many of the parents don’t seem to watch their kids at least a little bit, but that isn’t the fault of Frogg’s. We will probably try again in a few years.

Their Website:

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