Moms OC Mommy and Me Review

What It is:

This is a Mommy and Me class that works on developmental skills for your little one as well as empowering mothers. Their website says, “Learn activities to stimulate your baby’s mental and physical development. Mothers and babies come together in a fun and creative group environment.”

There are different classes for different age groups. The 3 age groups offered are 3-5 months, 6-11 months, and 12-17 months. The classes are offered in Spanish, English, and Vietnamese.

We were a part of the 6-11 month class. The class is about an hour long and lasts for about 8 weeks.

What We Did:.

At the beginning (before class really starts) there are a ton of balls out on the mat for the kids to play with. C loved this time once he started to crawl (he started crawling about halfway through our sessions.) We were always there super early so he got to crawl around and play with the balls before anyone else got there.

The setup and C playing with all the balls.

Once class started we would talk about something that happened in the past week. Ms. Gaby, the instructor, would ask what was something fun we did, something challenging, or something we found stressful. Sometimes you just need to celebrate the small victories or get something off your chest. I found this time extremely helpful, mainly because Ms. Gaby is so understanding and has fantastic advice.

We then sang a few songs and do some baby sign language. I don’t think I ever sang the wheels on the bus to C before but now he really loves it! Then out came musical instruments and more songs. C loves the instruments. We have played with them at Gymboree and we have a couple at home so he is pretty familiar with them and loves to shake them.

After cleaning up all the balls and the instruments is snack time. When I first heard there would be a snack time I thought it was kind of silly. I mean the class is only an hour long. But it was actually amazing. C never failed to get hungry and grumpy in the middle of class. Plus it was also a snack time for the moms too!

Snack time goodness

Then it was time for the activity of the day. We did so many fun activities that were all geared toward development! We played with bowls so the kids could learn to put things in and out as well as bang on them. The next week we put feathers in the bowls and did an art project with them. One week it was Cheerios so that they could eat them and do a project with them. And then it was tissue paper. Every week was gearing up to paint. We did painting twice. Once was just to let them mush around in it and once was hand and footprints. I have so many cute little art projects that we made together. Plus C was introduced to things I would have never thought about! Feathers?! Not something I have around the house for him to play with!

Finger painting!
A few of our projects


  • The toys were fun to play with.
  • The activities were great and perfect for their ages.
  • Everything had a purpose to introduce them to different things.
  • Ms. Gaby!

Not So Good:

  • Parking can be rough.
    • It is street parking only. So brush up on your parallel parking skills!
  • It takes awhile to get in.
    • I signed up for the waiting list before March and our class started in May.



Our Verdict:

It was a lot of fun! Introducing them to new textures and objects is always great. I was also very impressed by Ms. Gaby. She gave great advice on all kinds of things and genuinely cares about the kids and moms. The support that I, as well as the other moms, received from her was priceless.

Our class started with almost 15 moms, but the last few classes were only 4 or 5. I really think that is (at least for my class) an underutilized resource. It was something fun for both C and I to do and we both learned a lot.

We will be signing up for the next class once C is the right age for sure!

Their Website:


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