My Gym Review

What It is:

My Gym is a program that is built to help kids develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively. They use music, games, gymnastics, and other tools to help kids learn. It also helps kids learn that being active is fun.

What We Did:.

C is part of the Tiny Tykes group. Different locations seem to have different age cutoffs for groups, so I can only tell you that Tiny Tykes is the youngest group and seems to generally start around 6 months. Some locations and times combine 2 age groups. This was the case for us which put the class range from 6-22 months. I was pretty worried about this since there is a huge difference between a 6 month old and an almost 2 year old.

We got there pretty early. Like they weren’t even open yet early. They were nice enough to let us in and talked to us and C a bit. Once the music turns on everyone is allowed in to explore before class starts. We set C down and off he went. He is crawling like crazy so it is nice to give him a big open space to explore. They put out a bunch of balls for the kids to play with. Which C loves. He is ball crazy all of a sudden.

Then there was the hello and warmup. Everyone introduced their kids and then we did a bunch of warmup activities and “stretches.” Mostly to get them moving a bit and used to the routine for later classes. Some of these were pretty physical so make sure to go in comfy clothes that you don’t mind rolling around in.


We were then released into free time. We put C on the trampoline they have and bounced him around. He loved it! He didn’t want to get off but other kids needed a turn. We explored the gym a bit more. There is a ton of equipment. Slides, trampoline, a ball pit (that is super clean by the way), zip line, hanging bar, climbing steps, and a bunch of mats. I’m sure there was more, but that is what I got out of it on the first go.

Ball pit

During this time the instructors set up some skills. The week we went it was a balance beam (like an inch off the ground) and rolls. The instructors are extremely hands on. They walked C across the balance beam and worked on rolls with him. I was actually really impressed that they did this because they know how to do these things right and safe due to the training they have. So they could teach us how to forward roll C the correct way!

Hanging bars. Probably gets used much more by older kids.

Once everyone had their turns, they set up swings and a little ride that they called a train. The swings were so cute! There were small individual swings and a log swing. The train ride was cute too. The kids could sit (or lay) on a foam block and ride around.


Then came something I didn’t expect at all. Something called separation time. All the kids stay on the gym floor with the instructors and parents walk out into the little waiting area. There are a ton of toys out and the instructors are super hands on with the kids. Obviously if a child gets worked up, the parent is aloud back in to help, but it didn’t happen in our class. C did fine and was more confused about the plethora of toys that he could get his hands on!

When the parents came back in there was a game. That week the game was all the kids (and parents) sit in a long line. The instructors set up some big foam mats a way back from us and some scarves in between us and the mats. Then they pushed the mats over to blow the scarves at us. Most kids actually enjoyed it. Only one didn’t like it at all.

Trying out the slide.

One of the instructors did a small puppet show with an otter and otter baby that lasted about 30 seconds. It was a nice way to cool down and relax after all the excitement. Lastly, there was the goodbye. I don’t remember if there was a song or something, but it was really low key and laid back whatever we did.

Oh, and the age difference that I was worried about was not even a factor at all.



  • Super hands on instructors.
  • Separation time! So great to teach kids that it is okay to be without a parent for a bit.
  • All the equipment that they get to play on.
  • It wasn’t just songs. There was so much activity!

Not So Good:

  • There were a lot of kids in the class. Could just be because it was a Saturday class. I tend to like smaller classes.


I think prices vary slightly by location. But most of them are pretty similar.

For most classes (not counting the special programs and the oldest kids), it is $80 every 4 weeks. There is also a one time enrollment fee that is heavily discounted if you sign up the same day as you first class.

Our Verdict:

We actually signed up for classes. I went into this just planning to do the free class to see what it was like so that I could let you guys know about it. I also thought that it would be super similar to Gymboree. Since Gymboree is closer to us, I figured that something so similar wouldn’t be worth the drive. But it was so good and so different that we signed up! My husband isn’t particularly thrilled about all the classes C is signed up for, but C likes it so he deals.

We really liked that it was more physical than Gymboree since it has so much equipment. We also liked that the teachers there help the kids with the skills. This is important to us so that C knows other people can teach him and help him with things. The separation time is fantastic too. These are all things that kids need and it is nice to have them all in one class!

As a note, we still do go to Gymboree. C loves it and his friends there. And it is great for different things.

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