South Coast Music Together Review

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What It is:

South Coast Music Together is a music class that is for parents and their children. They believe that all children are musical and that music and movement help children grow.

The class was about 45 minutes.

What We Did:.

We tried a demo class that was free. They provide demo classes so that you can see what the class is like before signing up.

Side note: No pictures in the post because I was so busy with C (more about this later) that I really didn’t have time. I was trying to figure out how to take pictures the entire time. But I didn’t want to take pictures of other kids participating in the class because that is just weird.

Classes are held in dance studios, martial arts studios, and community centers throughout Orange County. Ours was in a dance studio. Since the space isn’t really intended for small children, they set up a large child gate in a circle. There are little rugs where each parent/child couple sits inside the circle.

Before class starts there is a drum in the center that the kids can play with. Since C can’t walk, we just sat and watched the other kids play with it. Once it is time for class to start the instructor comes in and talk/sings about the drum going away.

So the talk/singing things is hard to describe. The instructor didn’t talk at all. Everything was sort of done in a sing-song way but not everything is done in actual song. That was pretty odd to me.

There are a few welcome songs where you say hello to each child. Then there are songs where you clap, hit the floor, and use different parts of your body. Then there are maracas that come out. They are small and perfect for kid hands. C seemed to like the maracas. He shook them for awhile before he tried to eat them so I call that a win. After the maracas are collected, scarves are handed out. After a song or 2 with those and throwing them around there is a quick round of peek-a-boo.

Next there is a large tub of all different types of instruments that comes out. There was everything from tambourines, drums, shakers, and little rain sticks. We sang a song or 2 with the instruments. Once all of those instruments were collected, we were handed a part of a round stretchy band that went around the whole group. The kids walked in a circle holding on while singing a song. The instructor said that you didn’t have to do this part and could remain sitting. So since C didn’t care that I was holding on to this thing, I stayed sitting with him. Poor choice. If you go, stand up and hold your kid and walk in the circle. The kids kept running into me because we were the only ones sitting.

Since (most) everyone was standing there was a free dance where a song that was actually something that was played on the radio at one time was played. Everyone could just dance around as they wanted. I held C standing up and he just bounced. He liked it. I’m sure there was a goodbye song, but I honestly can’t remember it. C was starting to meltdown because he wanted to get out of my lap so I was more focused on that than anything else.


  • The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. Even C was bouncing along at times.

Not So Good:

  • The floor was SOOO slippery. C likes to stand but he can’t walk yet so he was sliding around. There were a few kids that were walking around and kept sliding and falling.
  • The talk/singing. I don’t know, it kind of weirded me out. It didn’t bother the kids though.
  • Having to hold C on my lap the entire time. Other kids were jumping and dancing, but I couldn’t even set C down because it was such a hard floor.
  • So much of the class time was taken up passing out and collecting items. It took up so much time, especially because it was promoted to let the kids clean up all the instruments. (Which is totally a good thing, it just took a long time.)


Cost varies depending on if you are doing the normal 10 week set of classes or the summer 8 week classes.

The 10 week classes are $230. There are some classes offered through different cities but with the curriculum fee it comes out to the same. The 8 week classes are $189.

Tuition also includes 2 CDs, access to their website, and a download code to download the songs.

There are discounts for siblings so if you have more than one child attending make sure to talk to them about that.

Our Verdict:

We won’t sign up for classes. We already have other activities and they include songs and singing. Plus their schedule and pricing just don’t work for us right now. Maybe we will reevaluate as C gets older since it seems like the class is better and more fun for kids that can walk, jump, and dance around. But as of right now, I don’t think we will go again.

A few tips if you want to sign up or try the demo class:

  • I would suggest not taking a kid before they can walk.
    • Unless your child is under 9 months and you sign up for the infant only class.
  • Have your kid wear shoes where they won’t be sliding.
  • Get up and walk around the circle. Don’t be like me. You don’t want little kids running into you.

Their Website:

***This website does autoplay music!

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