We Play Loud Huntington Beach Review

What It is:

We Play Loud is an indoor playground. This review is for their newer location in Huntington Beach. There are a ton of things for kids to do including slides, a bounce house, a foam ball area, and soft play rides. There is also a toddler area that is only for kids under 3!

I have a review of the Lake Forest location HERE if you are interested in that location.

What We Did:

First we visited the toddler area. There was so much for C to do in there. Tunnels, 2 merry-go-rounds, a couple of slides, bouncing toys, and the water blob to name a few. C loved the taller slides since it is something that he can do on his own.

Half of the toddler area

The water blob seems to be a favorite of non-walkers. I had heard about this infamous blob from friends before going. I saw other kids sitting on it just in awe. C walked across it a few times and got a kick out of it, but it wasn’t his favorite thing. I know if he wasn’t as mobile it would have been his favorite though. He did learn he can jump on it thought and is pretty fond of that!

More toddler area!

There are 2 merry-go-rounds here. One is for smaller kids and goes really slowly. The other is larger, a little more challenging for kids to stay on (appropriate for their age and goes a little faster. C ignored the slower one and went straight for the bigger one. Not surprising since I have a little dare devil on my hands.

On the faster one!

Outside of the toddler area, there is a 2 story play area. Adults are not allowed on the second story except to go on the 4 person slide. C loved this slide so we ended up going up there with him a million times. The employees are pretty strict that adults cannot go anywhere other than the slide, so make sure you follow the directions!

Part of the “big kid” area

There are also several different large play rides. There are a couple of climbing things and little rides. I find that the Lake Forest location has more rides for the older kids than this one, but all the kids seem to have fun no matter what.

Fun little ride in the big kid area

There is also a foam ball area. This was a huge hit. There is a foam ball fountain, dumping baskets, and loading machines. The balls are super light so when they get dumped from above all the kids love it. Above the ball area, on the second story, are foam ball shooters so that you can shoot the balls back and forth. These are a little loud and kinda freak C out, but that doesn’t stop him from pressing the buttons.


  • Employees were constantly cleaning.
  • So many different things to do.
  • The toddler area at this location is so much bigger and has more things to do!
  • They have a small cafe if you get hungry or thirsty.

Not So Good:

  • Parking at this location is much more limited.


$15 for one child and one adult. Every person after that (adult or kid) is $7. This is for 2 hours of play. You can purchase additional time in 2 hour chunks.

Our Verdict:

We obviously love We Play Loud. Both locations are great. Depending on our other plans for the day we will visit whichever location is more convenient. C loves that he can run around and play. We love that he can run around and get his crazies out!

Their Website:


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