We Play Loud Review

What It is:

We Play Loud is an indoor playground that is located in Lake Forest. At the time of this post they are working on opening one in Huntington Beach in early 2018. There are a ton of things for kids to do including slides, a bounce house, a foam ball area, and soft play rides. There is also a toddler area that is only for kids under 2!

What We Did:

We happened to go on a weekend when hardly anyone was there. It was mostly birthday party guests and a few other families. It was great! I have heard that isn’t normal and most times there are more people there. But that day we were there for almost 2 hours and there were only a few people in the toddler area and most of the time it was just us.

Toys and tunnels in the toddler area

We spent the majority of the time in the toddler area. There was so much for C to do in there. Tunnels, a merry-go-round, a slide, bouncing toys, a ball pit, and the water blob to name a few. Not surprisingly, C loved the ball pit.

Ball pit!

He eventually got out and went on the slide a few times. He ran around exploring everything. He was not really interested in the merry-go-round, but we finally just put him on it. Turns out, he really liked it. He seemed to always head back to it.

He loved it, I promise!

The water blob seems to be a favorite of non-walkers. I had heard about this infamous blob from friends before going. I saw other kids sitting on it just in awe. C walked across it a few times and got a kick out of it, but it wasn’t his favorite thing. I know if he wasn’t as mobile it would have been his favorite though.

The blob!

We spent about an hour in the toddler area all by ourselves. It was great. A few times there were some older kids that came in, but the employees were quick to get them out of there. Even with all that time there were a bunch of things that C didn’t explore yet. Most I think that he will like as he gets a few months older.

More toddler area

Since there weren’t many people there, we decided to head into the big kid area. There was a bounce house (like full size) that adults are allowed in. So I hopped in there (okay, more like crawled in) so that C could try it out. He was totally unsure of it. A really nice boy came in and was trying to show him what to do in there. It was really pretty cute.

There are also a bunch of different large play rides. There was a boat, a plane, and a few others that I’m not quite sure how to describe their shape. These were super popular during the parties. Especially the plane..

In the boat! And other toys in the background.

There is also a foam ball area. This was a huge hit. There is a foam ball fountain, dumping baskets, and loading machines. The balls are super light so when they get dumped from above all the kids love it. We helped a few adults load them up and let the little kids press the buttons to unload them. So it was fun for everyone! C liked to put balls into the ball fountain. It pushed the balls up using air which made C really confused. He had to keep putting them in once they came out.

Foam ball fountain.


  • Employees were constantly cleaning.
  • Employees made sure that the rules were being followed.
    • They had to kick a couple of older kids out of the toddler area.
  • So many different things to do.
  • They have a small cafe of vending machines if you get hungry or thirsty.

Not So Good:

  • I could see how it would be a little rough when there are more kids there.


$15 for one child and one adult. Every person after that (adult or kid) is $7. This is for 2 hours of play. You can purchase additional time in 2 hour chunks.

Our Verdict:

C had a great time. It was somewhere that he could run around and climb things. Everything is pretty padded so we weren’t worried about him falling or running into things. It was a fantastic place for him to get out a ton of energy. He slept so good after we left! We will absolutely be back.

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